What are the most important renovations to add value to your home?

When it comes to home renovations, you need to be cautious over your steps.

A bad renovation does more harm than good. A new wooden door (unless it's urgent) may not be the best bet. However, a bathroom remodel can soar the price of your property.

The main purpose of renovation is to increase the value of your property, and have a competitive advantage. Of course, also to increase your own living standard.

Here are 5 home renovations you should prioritize:

- Kitchen overhaul

The kitchen is the focal point of a house. It's the heart of your space.

Replace your old appliances with new, and sustainable energy efficient appliances.

Painting your Kitchen compartment should be considered too. Use light, and elegant paints.

Renovate the flooring, side walls, and worktops to up your present kitchen.

Have a great interior done, but don't go overboard.

Make sure your investment doesn't surpass the lifetime value.

- Bathroom upgrades

Bathroom is yet another major investment you should do. If you are finding it difficult to find space for it, look for the less used areas.

What you can do is update it with new tile floor, shower, and underfloor heating.

Tubs, Pedestal sink, and vent fan are other additions you can consider.

This will increase the appeal of your house, and value of the property.

- Revamp your rooms

Turn your attic into a bedroom. This will help you have more room space, and will eliminate shortage of space.

Your basement too can be converted into a room. This can be used as a kids room, or second living rooms.

Don't make your room congested. Prioritize spacing between beds, and furniture.

You shouldn't pull down the walls just for the sake of doing so. If reinventing the existing condition will work, go for it.

- Energy-efficient advancement

Upgrade your home with quality energy efficiency improvements.

Few things you could consider to do so - energy water heaters, insulation, electrical panels, etc.

This will help you save money, and appeal to energy conscious buyers.

- General renovations

Updates that seem nominal are most required, and hence add merit to your house.Seal the leaks. Don't wait for it to get enlarged, and cause major problems.

Increase the lightning, and space of your house. Nobody likes dark, and dim houses. Consider opening up spaces to let the lights in.

Freshen up the paint regularly, and update your windows too.


Don't fret over trivial things, and work that is unnecessary.

Home renovation demands thorough considerations.
Investing in real estate (your property) the right way will benefit you - both in the short term, as well as long term.

Happy Renovating!